Share and Share Alike

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Recovery Rants
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talkNothing is worse than picking a home group in AA and then have to listen week after week to the same group of people sharing the same exact share as the day before.

The meeting I go to has over 60 people attending on a regular basis and the same 5 people regularly speak. I know that some will say, “well, nobody shares, so I feel like I have to say something”. New people are nervous, sometimes it takes a little silence to make them chirp up, but they need to get their feet wet and start sharing where they are at.

Maybe we can encourage the other attendees by ending our shares with, “I’d love to hear from some people who don’t normally share or from the newcomers or people visiting from out of town”.

  1. Colin Hughes says:

    I found that I needed to find discussion meetings, big book study meetings and lately beginners meetings.I nearly left AA at 13yrs but a friend suggested a big book meeting and I was hooked, I’m now getting hooked on a new beginners meeting.
    It’s carrying the message that keeps us sober not just listening at meetings

  2. earlyrecovery says:

    Thanks for your input Colin. I forget sometimes that I’m supposed to give and not expect to ‘get’ all the time. It’s not so much what I get out of the meeting as what I can bring to it.

  3. sam says:

    Thank God! so glad ive got onto your web site, love it, just finding my way around. Like colin, ive, been to lots of different mtgs – I find that keeps me on my toes when i’m out of my comfort zone, really helps to keep me humble.

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