never1My sponsee went back out again. This is the third time since we’ve been working together. At first I thought she should probably find someone else to work with, but after talking to my close friends in recovery (who also sponsor people), I’ve changed my mind. Why? Because she’s a drunk and she needs help. She’s just like me and many other alcoholics and addicts who have struggled to ‘get this’. I want to shake her, I want to slap her, I want to hug her, but all I can do is tell her that I care and that I’ll be here for when she get’s back – if indeed she ever does.

Alcoholism does kill – but she already knows that. She knows that it doesn’t discriminate, it kills young drinkers, old drinkers, men, women, rich and poor. She knows that it wants us dead, but it will settle for us being drunk or high instead. But none of this matters, because she’s ‘in’ her disease and the craving, the mental merry-go-round and the insanity of this addiction have consumed her once more.

Some of us just haven’t had enough yet, we think that we need to do some more ‘research’, just to make sure it’s really as bad as we think it is. Our disease will tell us that it’s not that bad, that we can try it again, we can have a few drinks, pop a few pills and then stop. We can get high and drunk and sober up tomorrow for good and all. Unfortunately, what our disease doesn’t tell us, is that for many alcoholics and addicts, we won’t get to wake up tomorrow because for some, tomorrow will never come.


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