breakfast As we fast approach the morning after the biggest party night of the year, I was thinking about the  one thing that I will certainly not miss and that is the massive hangover, complete waste of a day  throwing up and the ultimate feeling of self-loathing that came from another night on the booze.  As I have said before, it didn’t matter if it was New Year’s Eve or any day of the week, it was just  another night on the booze for this drunk and it never ended well.  

This year I’ll be taking my son downtown to watch the fireworks, sip hot chocolate, eat a great meal, see a movie and then  go to bed probably listening to the sound of people still partying. That’s ok though because I’m looking forward to sipping my coffee in the morning with a clear head, a healthy appetite and digging into a plate of bacon with fried eggs (a little runny), toast and whatever else I can manage before I go to the park and throw the frisbee with my son. These are the days that I cherish and now I get to remember them too, no more blackouts and broken promises.

What a difference sobriety makes. I never thought I’d say this but I really don’t miss being out there, in the thick of it and I definitely don’t miss those hangovers one bit.

Happy New Year!


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