glumI was in a recovery meeting yesterday at my local AA club and I was so happy to see a young lad of 16 years old at the meeting (he was with his mother who was also an alcoholic). He introduced himself as an alcoholic and even shared a little about how he got there, I absolutely could not ever imagine doing that at 16 – what a brave kid.

…Then another person with 9 months of ‘recovery’ shared and the warm, fuzzy moment was busted. This person basically talked about how recovery was terrible and each day was spent barely hanging on. They went on to talk about how miserable they were and how they tried to fill the hole that was left by their drinking with something else. They actually went on to tell everyone in the room that we need to fill the hole with family or work or buying cool stuff. 

I couldn’t wait for this person to shut the f**k up! I wanted to jump in and scream that they were scaring off the newcomers! I didn’t come to the rooms of recovery to be miserable! I had enough of that while I was using and if sobriety was going to leave me as miserable as when I was using then there was no use being there, I’d go drink! I came to recovery for the solution to my drinking problem not to hear about how bad sobriety was and how life still sucked! We all have a giant size hole left in our lives when we stop using and some of choose to fill that with our Higher Power and a recovery program. 

Thankfully I didn’t share at that moment and vent my anger but I calmed down and prayed for this person instead. I’m glad I took a time out because someone else stepped up and shared and said exactly what I wanted to say but in a much more diplomatic way! We are all sick people getting well and we are all on our own journey to get there. This person who had shared how unhappy he was being sober felt what he felt and obviously something wasn’t working in his recovery life (or maybe he just wasn’t working a recovery program).  

If you are new to recovery, just know that none of us came to the rooms of recovery because things were going great in our lives! We didn’t just decide “oh, I think I’ll just drop by AA or NA and see what they are doing in there”. We came because we desperately wanted help to stop drinking or using. And the good news is there is a solution, there is a life that can be had where we are at peace and no longer craving our drug of choice, our obsession can be lifted if we are willing to follow a few simple suggestions by people who have been where we are and have come through it.  Just know that  if our lives weren’t significantly better by being in recovery we certainly wouldn’t be sitting in a room full of drunks and addicts on a nice Sunday afternoon. 

I went up to the 16 year old newcomer and his mom after the meeting and welcomed him. I mentioned there were many meetings in our city for young people who want to get sober and thankfully his mom said she had the information on those meetings for him. If you are a young person trying to get sober, click here for more information on young peoples programs and please keep coming back because we really are not a glum lot.

  1. k8 says:

    I totally had to laugh reading this. I think that in meetings ALL THE TIME! One of those – if you would just shut up for a second, I’ll give you something to be miserable about!

  2. Thanks for the comment, it was definitely one of those ‘pause when agitated’ moments 😉

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