Kiss Me I’m Sober

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Keep It Simple
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drunk_leprechaunIn Ireland, St. Patrick’s day is a religious holiday. Most people enjoy a lovely Irish breakfast and then go to mass. Most will meet up with family and go to the nearest big town and watch a parade, some people go home to a house party or to a restaurant for a meal. Then in the evening they may gather in a local bar for drinks and Irish music.

It’s a celebration of their Patron Saint and a far cry from some of the green beer swilling, Guinness guzzling parties that go on in this part of the world. Anyway, for this drunk, it was just another day to get wasted. Without fail, I’d belligerentlytell people  they were full of shit when they talked about their ‘almost’ Irish lineage, drunkenly slobbering over total strangers and coming too the next morning  covered in green puke with bits of corned beef and cabbage in it (if I bothered to eat anything).  

Thankfully, this year will be a bit different but I thought I’d share this tidbit as it helps me remember what I’m not missing.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day te ya.


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