itchyscratchy2Unfortunately for this drunk, 90 days of sobriety usually signified both an achievement and the beginning of the end. I got quite a few 90 day chips in AA, it was what came after 90 days that was the problem. I’d start to feel better, mentally and physically and I’d start to get things back that I’d lost in the latest episode of screwing my life up. My job would be going good, my son would be spending more time with me or I’d decide to date again. In fact, when I think about it now, I realize that when I started thinking that I knew what was best for me, it was a sure sign that things were about to go to shit.  

When I’d first get sober, I’d eagerly go to meetings, get a Sponsor and start on the 12 Steps. I called my Sponsor every day, took time to read the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book and developed a network of friends who were in the same boat as me.  But, as the weeks went by and things got better, my life improved and I found that I got busy, I went to less meetings and I lost momentum in my recovery program. I was working on the 4th Step and it was just too much fucking hard work to write all my resentments down, after all I had a job to go too, a son to look after and a boyfriend to keep, all this other stuff could wait. Besides, no one was making me do the 12 Steps, it was up to me and I’d decided I was well enough to make it on my own. I didn’t need all this tedious recovery crap anymore.

It’s amazing, how when I adopted this viewpoint my life came undone very quickly. You’d think I would learn from making this mistake one or two times but I went through getting 90 days sober four or five times before the penny finally dropped. Finally, I learned that my way wasn’t working and the last time this happened I decided that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED, no matter how great I was feeling at 90 days, I was going to continue working my recovery program.  

So, as the dreaded 90 day itch started to rear its ugly head, rather than succumb to what my disease was telling me, which was the usual, ‘recovery is boring, your all better now, there’s so much more to life than this, you don’t need this shit’,  – I  worked harder on my program, finished that ‘dreaded’ 4th Step and before I knew it I was way past another 90 days and still sober.

These days, if I continue to do what I’m doing and work on a program of recovery, I’m hopeful that I won’t have to do another 90 stretch again. In fact the only time I really think about those days is when I’m explaining to my Sponsee how I continually fucked up because I thought I could ‘handle it from here’. My Sponsee is at the ‘I’ll take it from here’ point and all I can do is point her in the right direction, tell her what worked and didn’t work for me and the rest is up to her. 

  1. Dave says:

    90 days here today…was browsing the web and came across your blog. My mind is in a state of disbelief…but thats actually a good thing. My foremost thoughts….anyone who walks into AA meetings and aproaches the AA program with a openmind and a willingness better hold onto there asses, cause shit is going change…. I”m asking myself this morning….Where did I get the patience that I now seem to have? Why do I no longer seem to have the morals of a junkyard dog? Why am I concerned about the well being and the feelings of other people? Why the hell am I seriously considering taking non-perishable food items down to the Rocky Mountain Food bank….and even volunteering my time to such a cause? My agnostic mind has come to believe in a power greater than myself…. I’m far from perfect…but a power greater than myself is guiding me, along with my sponser, and all the people in the meetings…. I wish you the best of recovery and the best of life….

    • Georgia W. says:

      Congratulations Dave on 90 days, that’s awesome! Great post – thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope and good luck to you, sounds like you have a solid program and good people in your life, keep up the good fight!

      • Melissa says:

        I’m so glad to have read this! I just passed my 3 months sober, and I know in my AA meetings that many people have trouble at the 3 month mark, but it was never explained to me why. Thanks for the insight!

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