las-vegas drunk…I know because I was one of them. I was always the stupid drunk person (even when I drank alone), but when I first got sober that knowledge didn’t stop me from resenting people who could still party, especially on holidays when everyone was doing it. Thankfully, things are different now, instead of counting resentments, I count my lucky stars that I’m not out there anymore.

If you are new to recovery and need a reminder or inspiration to stay on the path you are on, take a look at these video links, give yourself a pat on the back for another day clean and sober and have a great holiday weekend:

Stupid Drunk People

More Drunk People

When Drunk People Dance

Can’t Stand Up

On a serious note, the above videos might be somewhat funny (and sad) – let’s not forget the fact that people die from alcoholism and drug addiction every day and not only from drug and alcohol related diseases and overdoses, but from accidents and crimes where alcohol and drugs were in involved see here and below:

Crime and Alcohol


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