What Parents and Students Need to Know About College Drinking

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Keep It Simple
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college drinkingPartying in college is seen by many as a right of passage, a celebration of independence and a whole lot of fun. While this is true for most students, tragically for 1,400 college students per year, drinking alcohol will result in death.

According to the website, College Drinking Prevention these 14oo deaths are ultimately linked to alcohol. This site has a lot of information and facts for both parents and students, such as:

  • Symptoms of Alcoholic PoisoningDon’t think they’ll just sleep it off. Be prepared and know what to do if one of your friends or a fellow party-goer is showing the signs of alcohol poisoning.
  • Talk to your child about alcohol – Avoiding that awkward conversation could result in every parent’s nightmare. Arm your kids with facts so they can be better prepared and always let them know that nothing is too bad that they can’t talk to you about it.
  • FAQs on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism

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