It seems as though ingesting booze the old fashioned way – through the mouth – is just a tad too boring  for the new generation of party animal – if you want to get it done properly – pouring vodka it into your eye or ‘eyeballing’ is the way to go.

Call me boring, but WTF? When I hear about stuff like this, I always wonder about the first person to ever try it and what was going through their head at the time, was it something like, “Hey! I just had a really good idea! Instead of swallowing the shot like you bunch of pussies, I’m going to pour it into my eyeball! I’m going to do it now, here we go…….Owwwwwwww!”

When I first read about this I was shocked that someone would ever attempt something so obviously dumb and dangerous but the truth is I realize that I could have easily been an eyeballer had this stunt been doing the rounds when I was out there because I was both an idiot and an alcoholic – not exactly a recipe for making great decisions – and once I started partying pretty much anything was on the cards.

So what does this attention grabbing stunt have to do with being an alcoholic? While not everyone who partakes in this idiotic craze is going to end up an alcoholic, some of the early signs of alcoholism are blackouts and drinking alcohol in dangerous situations such as driving drunk. Ingesting alcohol through your eyeball sounds pretty dangerous to me – if a person has got to a place while under the influence where they think this is a good idea then they are either a complete idiot, or are on the path to being a substance abuser or both.

And whether or not it’s true that this is a fad and a case of teens behaving recklessly, I’m saving a few seats in the rooms for the eyeballer – because that’s some alcoholic shit right there.

  1. Chaz says:

    Georgia… you post supports the notion that there are few limits to the insanity one may encounter or engage in whilst on the road of acitve alcoholism.

    My drinking ended in places and with behaviours that I never imagined I would go or do. Not in a million years. Pouring Vodka into my eye would not have been too much crazier than some of the behaviours I engaged.

    Did we dialogue before about the 4 most common final-words of the alcoholic party-animal (including, but not limited to the eyball-drinker)? My research shows they are, “Hey, hey, watch this”!

    How many people do we know who have Hep B who started drinking and then in a short period of time, began shooting iv drugs with shared needles? Personally, I know 2. At a distance, about 100.

    Toward the end of my drinking, I used to buy a brand of vodka that looked like a water bottle so it would fit in my car cup holder. And then I stopped bothering with mixer. Straight Vodka. Next stop… eyeball-drinking?

    Plus access to information via television and web I think up the ante of extreme behaviour. Whatever. I am just glad to be sober and no longer competing to be the most insane drinker/drugger in the city.

    Give me my family, career, health, and sanity any day.



    • Georgia W. says:

      I’d empty an Arrowhead water bottle and fill it with the cheapest rankest vodka, then I’d sit on a park bench swigging it like I just had a run and was really thirsty all the time thinking to myself “People must think I’m really healthy sitting here drinking my water, ha ha, if only they knew!” Of course they knew, you could smell it a mile off – that and the fact that I always fell off the bench. It probably went in my eye at some point, it went everywhere else.

  2. Martin says:

    I remember dropping acid “the drug” out of an eyedropper from a guy I had just met in the desert in UT… Crazy what we do when we are using and feel invincible.

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