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stressRecovery meetings are a big part of staying clean and sober because they get us out of our heads and out into the world and sometimes we just really need to be around people who are as bat-shit crazy as we are.

In case you are wondering what some of the signs might be for getting your ass to a meeting, here’s a few clues (feel free to add any):

  • Who knew the laughter of small children could be so irritating?
  • The dog’s incessant tail wagging is really pissing you off, why does it have to be so happy ALL the time?
  • You think you don’t need a meeting, what you need is an evening in watching TV.
  • You find yourself shouting obscenities at the cartoon octopus on TV – the one  on the commercial promoting household air fresheners – it just doesn’t make any sense!
  • You tell the Girl Scout Cookie seller to go shove the cookies where the…you get the idea.
  • You find the line in the ‘fast food’ restaurant isn’t fast enough and you take it out on the 16 year old serving the fries.
  • Taking recovery tips from Lindsay Lohan seems like a good idea.
  • When the check-out person at the grocery store tells you to have a nice day, you tell her to go f**k herself.
  • Someone cuts you off in traffic and you think it’s a good idea to  follow them to their house.
  • It’s been 4 hours and you’re still trying to come up with an interesting enough status for your Facebook page.
  • You’ve  listened to The Eagles’ Desperado 10 times today.
  • Watching Titanic just doesn’t make you laugh like it used too.
  • You’re on Twitter and there’s no time for meetings, you’re too busy twittering and tweaking (I mean tweeting).
  • What’s so cute about kittens anyway?

And last, but not least,

  • You find yourself writing a blog entry about going to a meeting instead of actually going to a meeting.


koolI had avoided Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for years because I had too many preconceived ideas to go there. For one, those people were like some weird cult and completely batshit crazy. And two, there may be no vodka in the Kool-Aid but they had to be on something. As far as I was concerned, no one could be that brainwashed and overly nice without the aid of a substance. All this coupled with the touchy feely crap, holding hands and hugging someone I didn’t know just gave me the heebie jeebies and I wanted no part of it.

It’s funny how desperation can change a person’s mind because eventually I did end up going to AA. I had literally tried everything else I could possibly try to stay sober and nothing had worked, AA was definitely the last stop on the block and I will just say that this ‘contempt prior to investigation’ may have caused me a few more years of needless misery. But I was at a place in my life where I was willing to try anything, in fact at that point, if someone had handed me a cup of Kool-Aid I would have gladly drank it. If you would like to investigate Twelve Step Programs further and draw your own conclusions, click here for more information.

However, if you find yourself in a place where you are trying to get clean and sober and are looking for alternatives to the Twelve Step route, here are a few options that you might want to check out.  Whatever you decide, good luck!